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COVID Response

Epic Autos is adhering to all local and state laws regarding Covid-19. We have always operated a very clean and sanitary environment which allows our customers to shop free from the typical hassles of used car shopping. We do appreciate when our customers make appointments so we can provide the most personal and professional used car buying process and we encourage anyone to reach out and let us know of any special needs they may have. While we cannot provide as an extensive assortment of vehicles as we like due to the nationwide used car shortages we can provide a shopping experience unlike any you have experienced before. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

About Us

Welcome to Epic Autos. We began selling cars as an independent Dealer on January 1st 2010. As we enter our 8th year we have become extremely seasoned on how to make the car buying process easy, stress free, and not your typical “Big Car Dealer” experience. When you walk through our doors you will be greeted by a professional and knowledgeable salesperson who is more like your old family friend than the typical aggressive and pushy salesperson. We prefer to speak with candor and honesty rather than to try to “Sell” you one of our cars.

Our sales process is to “Educate” not “Sell” the buyer on our specific vehicles, the various financing options if needed, and what maintenance we have completed on our vehicles. Then we allow easy and stress-free test drives to ensure that the vehicle you initially came in for is actually the best vehicle for you. We provide a copy of the Carfax and Mechanic Inspection for EVERY test drive. Often our buyers come in looking for 1 SUV or Truck and then see and drive another one they didn’t even see prior to scheduling an appointment.

Please keep in mind that we focus on service and as a result it is definitely best to call us for more information rather than Text or EMAIL. We have sold over 1700 cars and zero were sold via text or email without an actual conversation. I have yet to meet someone who felt comfortable spending thousands of dollars on a big purchase over email or text. Plus, the bland nature of text and emailing does not allow inflection and thus miscommunications and hurt feelings could happen. Furthermore, we get dozens of emails daily and we may not be near a computer so we may not respond as quickly as if you place a quick phone call. You will NEVER get an automated machine when you call Epic Autos, you will ALWAYS get a live person or voicemail that we can respond to very quickly. We specialize but are Not limited to Toyota and Lexus 4 Wheel Drive SUV’s and Trucks. We have sold every single make and model.
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